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February 21, 2020, 10:35:21 PM
Man I need to start drinking again my typos are getting worse .lol
Glad you deciphered it . Lol
Yeah there needs be a bug that can follow them back .


February 21, 2020, 06:37:28 PM
Yeah, I'd like to know who hacks in here once in a while.  Would be fun to hack them...  :P


February 21, 2020, 05:23:03 PM
Well that's great , you mention it I misunderstood that you where having a problem finding . But you did and that cool as it's much more enjoyable having that thing gone . Lol
Oh and may the person who did this be repayed 10 fold.


February 21, 2020, 03:40:04 AM
Whatever you think, Neil.  All I do is make suggestions...


February 21, 2020, 03:12:40 AM
Nice hint Joom.....should I be writing this down??  ;)


February 20, 2020, 02:50:29 PM
With a decent FTP program (I use "Core FTP") it's kind of easy to check and see if any files on the site have been updated that shouldn't have been just by checking the file dates...


February 20, 2020, 02:47:34 PM
Ag, I did find one of the forum files that had a modification date of just a few months ago, which it shouldn't have.  So I checked and it had a hack line in it.  I took that out, and just waited to see if it helped at all...


February 20, 2020, 12:33:24 PM
Joom you get the site fixed ? It's working again . I'm dying to know what it was were it was . Lol


February 20, 2020, 12:31:22 PM
No Cats 2 dogs . Matter of fact all we got are JCB'S I'd much rather have a cat .lol

When I retire I'll move up North so I can get the 3 ft of snow . I miss it I won't miss the snow today gone tomorrow crap but thats because I have to work in it .😡


February 20, 2020, 09:19:19 AM
More of a dog man, myself......


February 20, 2020, 08:44:32 AM
Hmmm, I wonder if Ag has a cat?  ;D


February 20, 2020, 04:42:37 AM
You shoulda got a cat. I got a cat 8)


February 20, 2020, 04:00:48 AM
Shoulda hired Ags....although you might have to wait a while to get dug out though  :P
Long drive from the Carolinas  :P


February 19, 2020, 11:44:15 PM
That would be nice, Ag.  Better than our 3 more feet in the last 2 days and 40-45 mph winds to drift and bank.  Big drifts and half frozen.  Lucky I hired a plow guy this year (last fall)...


February 19, 2020, 09:00:19 PM
And yeah getting maybe a few inches of snow ,one day then it's gone . Make way for panic mode ,save the world get plows ready salt spreaders bread and milk ! It's going to be a doozy . Lol can I retire ?

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Guitars / Semi Hollow Body Firefly (Blue)
« on: April 13, 2019, 03:15:45 AM »
Wow $139 guitar Wes bought , I'm going to add a Bigsby style tremolo , it's what he wants :( . The darn case was $85.99  :o so , I got him that for his recent birthday. It is worthy of a good case.

Anyone wanting a semihollow body , good luck catching one before they go out of stock. It's the real deal , nice guitar. I can't find anything wrong with it. Plays good out of the box.
Amazon ships via Universal Package Smashers and it survived.

Other / PA systems
« on: December 13, 2016, 12:07:49 PM »
Just ordered/sent , one of these for my Granddaughter  ;D a future songwriter .... Spreading the gift of music is like sharing a mental disorder.  :P
The neat thing is free shipping

Phonic Powerpod 410/S710 PA Package 


Other / Playback System (Monitors)
« on: December 02, 2016, 02:06:33 PM »
For the not so discriminating musician
         This little setup for a monitor system? Bluetooth , Aux , USB (MP3 and WMA)


.... I was looking for a holiday gift  for my Granddaughter. ;)

Amps / Safety
« on: October 15, 2016, 02:11:53 AM »
Some of the outlets in my house were reversed , someone replaced the old two prong outlets with , nice grounded receptacles. .....  they didn't do it right ;)
I've come across this in other places and it's a common problem  >:( Buzzing Amps ....... Hum Switch  ::) It took me a while to get around to fixing that and also adding a ground wire to said outlets. A simple safe Receptacle Tester helps identify problems .... I got one for about $5. I had a lot of hum and noise on amps plugged into those outlets. Any of those little Filament Death Trap Amps would have hooked you up  :o
  I take that little receptacle gadget with me to ensure wherever I go to play or record , that the power is right. 

A couple links to Uncle Doug's video's

 Death Capacitor

Shock hazards

Computer Related / SSD
« on: September 09, 2016, 03:21:59 PM »
You know you want one but before you leap you may want to look into what is inside.

TLC = Triple level cell

MLC = Multi level cell
SLC = Single level cell

I have little experience with these things but found that running a laptop (notebook) with a SSD greatly reduces battery drain.

They don't get hot , they don't make noise , they are really fragmented by design. A 64gb SSD would be fine for my setup Windows 10 64bit with all my software ........... just under 40gb's.
      Unlike a regular large hard drive which you would partition into a few partitions .... these things are the opposite. You want to use the entire drive one large partition.
Speed well .... my newest system only does SATA 2 speeds. SLC is the best and fastest 

PC / Upgrades
« on: August 16, 2016, 01:37:27 PM »
Whether it's a , hard drive , graphics adapter , memory , operating system or CPU. Before you do any of these things.

You need to have the latest System BIOS.
Flashing a BIOS can be easy or require a floppy ..... seen one of those lately? lol I wont get into flashing instructions because some are different and there are plenty of instructions on the net. I manage to use a USB drive to flash most systems.

Example Had a Network portion on a GX755USFF fail just recently so ... replace the board right  )(?

If it's a replacement , the MB you just bought off eBay .... chances are it has an old BIOS and your going to need the old CPU that that MB's current BIOS is going to recognize. Not the newer one you had on the bad board Lucky for me I had an old CPU that was stock for the old BIOS that was on the board. So I installed the new used board. Used the old CPU to do the BIOS flash , then put the newer one that was on the bad board and everything's fine. Had to do the same thing with a system I just upgraded too.

The idea of keeping a old hdd yhat you can install a copy of windows XP 32 bit is handy. To flash firmware on Multi Card Reader. TEAC CA-200 $7.97 with the cable ;) (Dell OEM part that was made for XP machines and plain 2gb SD cards)  ::)  After the Firmware flash for the reader was done took out the XP hdd put back in the Windows 8.1 64 bit hdd now it reads 32gb SDHC cards.  ;D There might have been an easier way to do it but after 2 hours of fun ....... Now I can load stuff from my portable recorder without having to find one of the hit and miss SD card adapters I was using.

Music Industry News / Music Royalty Collection
« on: August 04, 2016, 09:38:02 PM »
These rights organizations are crooks  >:( imho
Anyone getting checks from them?  :P
From the article interesting read ........
"For years, in cases where ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) or BMI (Broadcast Music Inc) did not represent all of the authors of a song, they would issue fractional licenses and presume that the licensee would ensure others were paid. Instead, the Justice Department's new rules would require "full-work" licenses."


General Recording Dicussions / SNAP CRACKLE POP fizzzzz (PC DAW Setup)
« on: February 04, 2016, 10:54:05 AM »
Got Noise?
Not me  :P

Depending on your personal usual string of doodads ...... results may very.  :P When asking a question about a noise problem please include details for example ..........

Computer _ DELL GX745 MT (mini tower) Intel core2 6600 2.4GHz
4GB memory Windows 8.1 Professional 64 bit
Video _  Nvidia NVS285
Storage _ 2 sata hdd's
Audio _ Tascam US1800 24 bit 48kHz normal latency
USB devices _ Korg NanoKontrol vers 1 , wired keyboard and mouse
DAW _ Reaper 64bit
almost forgot _ Tascam ASIO

(list other USB stuff .... such as modems , midi interfaces/controllers , wireless kb/mice , USB Hubs , Storage devices (thumb drives external hdd's)

That's a snapshot of the recording system here. All I have to do , to make it pop is work off of a thumb drive.  ::) Or plug the NanoKontrol into the same usb hub as the Audio midi interface possible BSOD with the that  :P but that will make em pop

Another example of wishful thinking would be trying to run two USB midi interfaces with a old laptop ....... BSOD here  :P

 Please feel free to share your experience  :)


Challenges / September 2015 Challenge
« on: September 02, 2015, 01:15:08 AM »
September Challenge is ..... Whatever you can do in 3 to 4 minutes. Do your favorite type , style , genre of music. With the wide variety of tastes here this should be fun  ;D  it's a departure from everyone doing the same "theme" Instrumental or Lyrical
      Doesn't seem like much of a challenge , getting everyone to participate is a challenge in itself. Here's your chance to do your own thing.

The winner will get to be King of the World for 15 minutes. Winner to remain locked in a closet for duration of their Kingship. This offer void where prohibited and not valid in North Korea , or Oklahoma. Closet fees extra
The standard stuff , collaboration , new tunes , Submitted by September 25th 12 midnight  US Central Time.

Amps / DIY Tube Amp(s)
« on: August 27, 2015, 08:12:28 PM »
Formerly known as  (Re-purposed Tape Machine? Amp?)   Well I found a couple old tape machines  :-[

One is a Silvertone Model 4232 $24.10 from Keokuk , Iowa.
The other is a Voice of Music tape o matic (it looks like a 730) a interesting design. $30.09 from Cleavland , TN 

I realize I'll have to recap these things , 30 years ago they would probably work for a while as is  :P

PC / Windows 8.1
« on: August 23, 2015, 04:36:29 PM »
For me 8.1 64bit Pro works great and is the preferred OS here in the lab for the tracking/recording machine. With all the fanfare surrounding Windows 10 , and all the XP Windows 7 diehards thinking to upgrade , you may want to stop midway  ;) , and take a test drive of 8.1 for your Audio computer. The old thing if it ain't broke is always wise , but if your getting ready to go back to 7  ;) from 10  :P you might be surprised.

My recipe for clean full install from the aging DVD ISO available on a torrent site  :-X

      After you've installed 8.1 ,
1. Let it update till it can update no more , depending on your computer/connection , be mindful if your using Vista drivers for a older video card. You may want to make sure that it doesn't change that. May have to roll back the video driver and block updates for that .... pretty easy.
You really don't want to be installing software on it while it's updating. That's a no no with any OS imho , but when it's done  ;D

2.  Install  Classic Shell http://www.classicshell.net/
We run it on all the 8.1 computers here , no problems at all. To me Windows 8.1 is awful without it.

3. Tweak the system ....... I've had good results with this guys routine

4. Install your stuff like CCleaner , Defraggler ..... run both of those. Make sure they don't monitor , or search for updates.

5. Install your audio device , devices ,

6. Install your DAW software

These are the steps , and order of installation , I go through , they work for me. I'm not going to give details of how to steal OS's and would point out you can buy legitimate DVD's & Licenses online. If your a DIY type of guy and you may just want the license  ;D Temporary Activation is out there so you can customize the system for testing purposes.


Music Industry News / Keith Richards
« on: August 07, 2015, 03:27:26 AM »
Keith Richards "I had an excellent bottle of Vodka this morning for breakfast."

lol okay that is one of the comments below the article ;)


Other / DIY Speaker Cabinets
« on: June 17, 2015, 10:58:57 PM »
A while back I picked up some ancient (1970) 12 inch Quam Nichols drivers , pretty much full range , very efficient , low wattage. Rather than use them for a guitar cabinet(s) , I decided to build some playback monitors/speakers.

Put that old Alesis 50w+50w power amp to use , and since I don't have the specs on the woofers. I decided to do an oversize "L" vent  design .... just pulled it out of thin air.  These drivers were in a organ or a old console stereo  :P  so a semi open back design (not much xmax) is what is needed. I just didn't want the sound going out the rear of the box ..... so a 4"x 14" vent should be more than enough. Not trying to tune these things lol.

I was hot today 95F so I stopped working on them about 2pm. Before I do this again I'm gonna make me a jig for that router. I swear I've done better cutting a baffle with a jigsaw. 

Using wood I had laying around 1/2" MDF , 1/2" Plywood , some 2x4's ripped 4 ways. I didn't want to make em too heavy ..... the wood was free  ;D These are really light weight drivers anyhow. 
            Picked up a couple "Designer"  ::) 1" dome tweeters http://www.ebay.com/itm/271792955056?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
     , and a couple 2 way passive banana connecter box/crossovers 4.5kHz
         The connecter box will be on the front of the speaker  ;) , I plan on hanging these from the ceiling
     The first piece of the "L" vent is already attached to the baffle everything will be front loaded. Will share more pictures as I finish the insides. Front and back are MDF as well as the vent.
      It's all screwed glued and ..... big 17" wide 25" tall 16" deep (with a grill maybe 18" deep) Notice the scalloped router work  :P

Microphones / DIY Condenser Microphone
« on: June 04, 2015, 02:28:53 PM »
What's inside that shotgun shell mic? or in the Badaax DM03 Here's a little primer on the subject a video and a link to a discussion at https://www.gears  :P lutz.com/board/geeks :P lutz-forum/764918-what-should-follow-electret-mic-capsule.html 

You'll have to put those words together to get the link to gear  :P s :P lutz where the laughing emoticons are.

They are getting big money for the little capsules on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Capsule-Condenser-Microphone-Cell-OMNI-directional-6mm-2pcs-e1-/161710617744?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item25a6b43490

Blues / Crosscut Saw
« on: June 03, 2015, 10:41:44 AM »
Adam Warren's version of "Crosscut Saw" recorded here in the Laboratory

He played all the instruments 

Vocals - MXL-1500 LDC (mxl V57 ?) The heaviest mic we have literally .....

Dean XM (Charvel Humbuckers) through the H&K Attax 80 , via Digital Reference DRI100

Dean XM 5 string bass (Music Man pick up's) via MXR-Bass DI +

Drums ........ 2-MXL 990's (Glyn Johns technique)
Snare- 2 Digital Reference DRI100 top and bottom
HiHat - Nady cm217 on top
Kick Drum - Gear One MK1000


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