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Title: MConvolutionEZ Reverb Software
Post by: Smurf on November 04, 2018, 05:15:37 AM
Hey folks, the MFreeFXBundle from Melda has always been a great set of plugins At Our Favorite Price Pointâ„¢, but this time around they have added a Convolution Reverb that is flat out easy to use.

I have been a user of the S.I.R reverb software since....before baseball....lets just say a LONG time. The MConvolutionEZ software is VERY close to replacing it ATM for a few reasons..

1. The Main Controls you need are right in front, no "unnecessary" controls to be found.  ;D

2. The CPU hit is much less than S.I.R., which is always a good thing.  ~:)

3. The included IR's sound great  ::->

4. The Price  (-!)

It is included in the MFreeFXBundle  (, and in that collection there are some really nice compressors, etc.

Hope This Helps!  8)