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July 09, 2020, 05:50:57 PM

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Author Topic: Guitar Pickups  (Read 1644 times)

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Guitar Pickups
« on: September 13, 2013, 08:34:33 PM »
Which ones float your boat ?

  I've been looking for some new pickups the more I look the more I get a headache .
So many types with descriptions that only make sense ( not to me ) to a certain guitar and or style's . Since every is style unique as set up , amp types , strings , guitar body woods and the it goes on .

  My style on the electric is .... ? Heck I don't know , I really don't know ! I want to have the versatility with the electric as I do the acoustic, yeah what ?   Guess I want flexibility I don't just want rock in the bridge and blues in the neck and a good luck getting jazz sound or strat sound . Man I am demanding .

 My Ibanez has a Seymore duncon and Ibanez designed pickup combo the only sound I like really is the single coil sound though it has changed with the tube amp verses the solid state one I had os far the lead/ neck it's a tad weak and hollow sounding in the neck or rhythm kind of muddy not enough mid for my likes .
 So what I want is a pick combo I get my funk on with ... most likely never happen so I'm here ask a few questions

1) What pickups do you like if any and why?
2) Was the choice style driven ?
3) Wiring configuration , what does it do it's been so long I forget but it plays a roll how has it worked for you ?
4) Any other answers or questions or comments welcome

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Re: Guitar Pickups
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2013, 11:26:41 PM »
OK...I'll bite.

1) What pickups do you like if any and why?
P90's.  Les Paul, SG & Tele & all sound sweet.  A single coil that has more of an 'on-steroids' growl than the standard Fender type singles.  Just a nice, warm sound that I grew up with & prefer.  Guitars like SG's thrive on P90's, IMHO.  A bit noisy playing live but all of what I do is 'in the box', so it doesn't matter. 
Humbuckers?  I like Gibson's Classic '57 & '57+.  Like the tone, particularly in a LP.  Like a lot of other HB's these are 4-wire & you can connect 'em up to a push/pull tone or volume pot & instantly suck the life out of a HB pup, getting an instant single coil sound thru coil tapping. 
Strat-type single coil?  Fender '54 Custom Shop or Fat 50's.  '54 set in my Strat & it chimes.

2) Was the choice style driven ?Blues, classic rock & light jazz with a spattering of misc. 
3) Wiring configuration...?
P90's & HB's:  dark sounding guitar = 50's wiring.  If the guitar sounds bright = Modern.  I favor the 50's style.
Strat?  Stock.  Maybe move the middle tone to the neck.
All very subjective. 

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Re: Guitar Pickups
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2013, 02:05:23 AM »
Good question Ags.

1) I'm a humbucker man. I do like single coils for cleans, but for dirty sounds i prefer humbuckers. I guess my favourite is, boringly, the Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz combination. They have the bite but don't get too mushy. I'd also check out Tesla pickups, inexpensive but great quality pickups.

2) Yup, higher output for rock/metal.

3) That's what I like about the jb/jazz set. With proper wiring config there's a plethora of sounds available, as the 4-wire config enables coil splits.. E.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsoEr30f5Hk