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Shootin' The Breeze / More songwriting gibberish
« on: August 28, 2013, 12:49:33 PM »
After i finish a song and let it blister in the sun for a few days I'll look back at it  and evaluate it... most leave me with a feeling that i missed the mark. And that's ok still learning, but I do feel a sense of disappointment in some and others completion.

So... my question is what are the factors that make up a good song to you?
I would guess we all see it a little different based on what we can do on how we go about creating something...
What are the elements you try to put into the stew as you're creating... or maybe you don't think about it? Just let it go where it goes...
Does it have something to grab attention a piece or part that has one or more of those things

Works in Progress / Eight colors
« on: July 28, 2013, 09:02:28 AM »
I pulled out me crayolas and drew up a few pieces over the past few weeks. Still early stages... like many others may never finish but I like em.
Each in various stages of completion but most of the music is done. There are some performance issues mostly on the lead tracks... but listenable anyways.
And only one acoustic song.  :o
If you have any advice thoughts criticism etc... keep it to yourselves!  :P :P :P :-*

On the line


Be yourself... or Lala song

Lyrics / Floating through the air...
« on: June 24, 2013, 02:26:51 PM »
I thought maybe talking about lyrics and where they come from might be a good topic for some discussion...
Do you devote much time to this as in practice like an instrument or is it only when you get inspired? How does it work for you... ever have writers block... any techniques that work for you all or most of the time? Have you ever taken any songwriting classes or courses?
I'm curious.... Music is the easy part to me (for what it is) but lyrics and sometimes melody are the chore. Working alone has pushed me though I still have a long way to go and songs to be completed.

My method:
Always MUSIC first for me. It's usually just a skeleton of a song or idea. But I usually put together the basic tracks of guitar, bass drums and carry around a mix and listen for a few days to see what melody and topic might be found. Sometimes a quick video clip on my I-phone is enough to kick start the idea. It has worked for me over the past few years and I've gotten quite a few tunes finished... but I still have a bunch in the wings. I'm hoping to learn some other approaches from you guys.
What works for you?

Member Blogs / My narcissism has gotten the better of me...
« on: June 16, 2013, 12:34:09 PM »
 :o I kid I kid...
But I decided to get some tunes on my player again...  not really new tunes just my entries from the challenges. And a few tunes I've never posted here before.


Works in Progress / While trying to get that rotary speaker sound
« on: June 12, 2013, 10:16:07 PM »
I came up with this... it's just a flange and reverb. But I like it.
The song needs some work still but it's getting close
This is a first mix...
Any ideas or comments... is cool.
No title yet  >:(


Falling in and out of love can be danger to one's health
You can't pretend to be the perfect someone when your mind is somewhere else
But from the day I saw you something changed in me
I thought you could be the sunshine for me if it starts to rain
And I could fix what ails you ease you from the pain
And where our story goes to or when our story ends
it will be written by you and I
we're the authors of our lives

We'll close the door so no one can find us
When the storm has passed we'll leave it all behind us

By chapter two we brought into a little child here to the light
And she's just the way you ordered her but somehow she got my eyes
Now she's growing up to be just like you how she loves those starry nights

You two became the sunshine for me if it starts to rain
And I'm learning to fix what ails you your love is not in vain
And where this story goes to or when this story ends
it will be written by you and I
we're the authors of our lives

Where our story goes to when our story ends
it will be written by you and I
we're the authors of our lives
Story of our life

Works in Progress / Shine a light on you
« on: May 12, 2013, 09:48:27 PM »
Kind of an acoustic blues tune. Structurally done needs some tightening up on the performance and mix but it's listenable. Not sure about the title was originally going to be called one-way ticket.
Any thoughts...
It's suppose to be a "life serves you lemons make lemonade" theme.


Shine a light
I've got me a one-way ticket... and I'm playing with the cards I was dealt
Got bad blood running through my veins you know it's something that I always felt
And I've earned some things the hard way from disappointing days
that there aint no point unless you learn from it all and then you put it all away

So I write it down sing a line or two some call it therapy just paying your dues
And they say you've got to live it if you really want to feel it
but I don't wish it upon you
Yet it might help you get through... shine a light on you

I don't blame my problems on anyone... some even taught me what not to do
I do believe in forgiveness and living by the golden rule

And I write it down sing a line or two some call it therapy just paying your dues
And they say you've got to live it if you really want to feel it
but I don't wish it upon you
And the life that you lead and the things you choose to be
and all the things you do add up to you
on this journey through this thing called life
I hope you get it right shine a light on you

See it coming through shine a light on you... See it coming through shine a light on you

So I write it down sing a line or two some call it therapy just paying your dues
And they say you've got to live it if you really want to feel it
but I don't wish it upon you
And the life that you lead and the things you choose to be
and all the things you do add up to you
on this journey through this thing called life
I hope you get it right shine a light on you

Completed Originals / Arrows
« on: May 05, 2013, 11:54:13 AM »

Finally got around to finishing this one. About escaping from a bad relationship wondering why you were ever in it... and refusing to change who you are.

Only ever wanted to be free
don't know what got inside of you
but your circuits aren't controlling me
And I'll move on there's nothing left to see
you can put it in the banks of your memory
Log it in as part of your history
another lonely chapter titled misery
Yeah all is done there's nothing left for me
your poison kicking in from all your remedies
So I'll say good-night
Sick as a dog but I'm still alive

Isn't it a pity how you couldn't bring me to my knees
I won't beg or plead for mercy
Didn't your mother teach you to say please
And I'll move on there's nothing left to see
But you'll always be a shadow in my periphery
Log it as an unsolved mystery how'd I ever escape from your insanity
And I'll move on there's nothing left for me
and everything is fine as far as I can see
So I'll say goodnight
sleep a little longer yeah I'm still alive

Only ever wanted to be free
don't know what got inside of you
but your circuits aren't controlling me
circuits aren't controlling me
Serpents aren't controlling me
circuits aren't controlling me

Only ever wanted to be free

You shot your arrow
to cage the sparrow
And clipped his wings
Now he won't sing
Along to your song
Now he's dead and gone
When he only ever wanted to be free

Ticked Off / Our King is in control
« on: May 05, 2013, 10:23:21 AM »
The first part seems a bit over the top but listen to the people this happened to including the CEO of Gibson... right here in the good ol US of A!  >:(


Completed Originals / Little Bird
« on: April 25, 2013, 08:52:43 PM »
I got the idea one day while watching my daughter run around the yard with one of her little friends. I started thinking about her growing up and one day leaving home. Kind of made me sad she's my youngest... and you know they grow up so fast. Anyway I didn't want that moment to pass and I took some pictures of her and her friends. Climbing a tree and just being kids.
I re-did the song this week added drums and a few other things. But really tried to sing it proper... I like how it came out.
Kind of a slower country beat. Short and simple like most things I do. Yeah so it's one of those songs you write from the heart. So sue me my kids think I'm corny anyway!  :P

And I promise this will be my last tune for the month of April!  ::)


Little Bird
I see you outside my window pane... you're just a little thing
So full of life and all the pretty things... I hear the birdie sings
While she's out there growing up There's just no slowing up

She's my little Angel Dove so full of Love...
I see

Looks like she found herself a little friend... her time to spend
They fly around the trees like the bees in a summer breeze
I know someday they may fly away... can't make her stay
Her wings were made to learn to soar and fly... life's to try
While she's out there growing up There's just no slowing up

She's my little Angel Dove so full of Love...
to me

I see the winds are getting stronger before you go off and wander  Uh Oh...
Could you maybe stay young a little longer uh huh...
For me

Completed Covers / Kids
« on: April 21, 2013, 08:25:23 AM »
Kids never try to do Moons drums tapping out the toms on a keyboard... Just brutal my apologies to the drummers who may give a listen.

I always thought if I got into a band again I would really want to do a few choice covers... this would be one of em.

I changed the key to E. I believe they did it in D? Was a stretch and a half to sing and now I can hardly talk after giving it a go but everyone in the house is glad it's over...  :o
Wasn't going to try the backing vocals... they're way too nice for this sound and my Camel vocals!  ;D

Works in Progress / Homage to the earth and sun
« on: April 16, 2013, 10:45:06 PM »
My song to the Earth and sun...  :P... yeah I know I'm a little wacky.
Well it was meant to be an earth day song.
Just a simple little acoustic song.

Other than some performance issues I think it's done...

"Something in the way"

Wake up it's a new day
Breathe in what life is showing
The sun is on the Horizon
She's the warmest keeps me smiling

And there is something in the way
You seem to brighten up my day
You're light keeps glowing yeah glowing

Grey skies so boring
Mr. Blue Sky will be back come morning

And there is something in the way
With all the colors on display

Don't you ever go away
Yes it's true
It wouldn't be the same
without you

On a breeze we go floating yeah floating

And there is something in the way
riding through the milky-way
Life keeps growing yeah growing


Tightened up the vocals and fixed some git errors and drum errors and...  :o

Works in Progress / Not one line
« on: April 07, 2013, 06:25:05 PM »
have I come up with for this music.
Total blank stare... I like the music but I can never come up with a word to get it started.
So I was wondering if any of you guys want to give it a lyrical try?
Musically reminds me a bit of INXS or The Cars kind of late 70's rock with some keyboard sounds. But it was really just an acoustic song that I layered all this extra shtuff onto.

I call it "Night Drive" if anyone is interested conjure up whatever you think that means or not... maybe you picture something else.


Works in Progress / Cliches...
« on: March 31, 2013, 03:08:18 PM »
Aren't they all!

Here's a few new tunes and a few I dusted off to try and finish, all in various stages of complete... littered with cliches. I'm not too attached to any of them they're just ideas. Do any of them stick out for good or bad? Don't expect anyone to listen to all of the entire songs but if you give a listen and have a comment or any thoughts let me know.
4 very different directions.


"For your love"

"Sitting thinking drinking"  A bit on the country side

"Take away"  I like this one... remixed today... probably because it's the newest.

Shootin' The Breeze / Katelyn Norman's bucket list
« on: March 26, 2013, 12:54:34 PM »

I'd rather there not be a need for this... but it's nice to read about the good hearts in the world sometimes. 

Works in Progress / Monica
« on: March 17, 2013, 02:45:31 PM »
This idea came about from reading an old post... Combobob had written a song during the Pastiche challenge. Reminded me of some girls from long ago. The name(s) have been changed to protect the participants.  :D

Still rewriting some of the lyrics but I think the idea is there. The way it flowed there is no bridge per/say or Chorus just a short story lookin back and how things can stay with you through life.
Rough early stage so I'll redo most of the tracks.
Does it work... not quite satisfied lyrically so it still in progress.


Was a day like any other day in the summer they just roll along
I heard somebody moved in up the block so I went by to see who's around
Said "Hey what's your name girl you wanna hang out"
When Monica came out on the porch
her smile really lit a torch in me

And we drove around all over the town... with the top town
just looking to escape from the heat
One day we found ourselves...
all alone in the rain
beneath an old oak tree
She was the first one... I wasn't hers
but then it
it never mattered to me
She told me to believe her
said she'd never leave
true love it will always be
But her father didn't care for me
said stay away from her
Monica she cried on the porch
when her father he just slammed the door on me

Even though it was so long ago
The memory still feels like yesterday
We were two kids riding on a bike finding out just what it's like
to feel a love just slip away
When Monica she moved away
Girl you were right when you told me to believe
and you said that you'd never leave me


Works in Progress / Last Call
« on: March 09, 2013, 04:04:06 PM »
Wrote this about a year ago... re-recorded the whole thing these past few days. The mix is first go didn't tweak much... wanted to see if you guys had any input.
The song is about... mortality. I guess there are a couple ways to look at it... from feeling like a failed musician that never quite got it right.... to just getting old but still keeping what's important in perspective. That was suppose to be the message. The inevitable LastCall! Ooooh scary!  :o


Last Call
Smoking on my last cigarette
Taking maybe my last sip
you know the show must come to a close
and if I've burned out give the lady a rose

But there will be no ovations in tonight's Hall
Won't here the words can you play me one more
Thought we still had time before the last call
Something left for just a short song

Still this life has been everything
and you've meant everything to me
But if the time comes and I take a last bow
I won't regret a thing as long as you know and I'll be free

Now did you save a little for a lazy day
Today the forecast is calling for some rain
Got holes in all my shoes
You know the water gets in
Makes me want to sing the Blues

There will be no ovations in tonight's hall
Did somebody say can you play me one more
It's just an echo tonight's last call
But there's enough time for one more song

Still this life has been everything
and you've meant everything to me
But if the time has come and I take a last bow
I won't regret a thing as long as you know and I'll be free

Challenges / February Results
« on: March 04, 2013, 02:00:10 PM »
(If you don't want to read my dribble scroll to the bottom of this very long page for the results.  ;D )

First off Congrats to all who took the time to create something for this Challenge. It's always interesting to me seeing the diversity in songs and sounds from this group so Kudos to you all!

Well it was a close one and in the end 3 rose to a very close top.  And I mean close. :o
The narrowest slimest of margin separates three of you. I mean so close you could barely slide a sheet of notebook paper between entries... so close that from a distance you'd think it was one long song. So close uhhh... you get the picture.

So without further delay I give you your 3rd place victim uh... I mean victor;

Papa G and his song "Prelude to Freedom"
Papa was astounded to pull this one chord pony out of the barn and was over-heard riding off yelling Yippee ki-yay but is not to be confused with the singing naked cowboy of NY. It's just a rumor!

:o :P

And now in 2nd place

we have our bridesmaid no wait grooms maide uh... the guy who had one less point than PapaG...

I Give You Agradeleous Have I Fallen

Ags wasn't available for comment so we contacted his wife who was happy to supply us with a photo to support her statement! "This doesn't surprise me one bit you know he's been playing awake or asleep since he was a newb." :o :o

And then there was one!

Some believe he summond the spirit of the old Delta Bluesmen via a voodoo princess...  :o
ok maybe it was dude and not a princess but you get the picture. :P

Others say it was he who played the Blues guitar for the movie Crossroads and not Ry Cooder but it was during a state of drunken meditation and trance or maybe possesion and he has no recollection of any of it!  :P

But we know better....
Your February winner

WHITESTRAT73 Moderator Blues
Congrats White really nice job!

So Dino/Schprocket pass the cup to the newest conqueror of the ODC.

White... the check is in the mail...time for your acceptance speech, wipe the sweat off your brow and gives us a new Challenge for March!

Again nice job to all participants the final order was close here's how they fell.
Moderator Blues by Whitestrat
Have I Fallen by Agradeleous
Prelude to Freedom by PapaG
Scotch life by Combobob
Crazy by Neilmac
Exhaurient stadio by Way2lon
Shades of emotion by OneTrack
Ja Puolikas skotti by Spiral

Thanks to all who support the Challenge!

Challenges / February 2013 ODC VOTING!!
« on: March 01, 2013, 05:47:49 PM »
Welcome one and all to the February 2013 ODC voting thread!The criteria for the challenge was set by January winner(s) Schrprocket and Dino!

All song must contain:

Three chords - or less

Three lines of lyrics as minimum (sung, screeched, and/or spoken)

The words 'ukelele', 'hamster', and 'half a bottle of scotch' at least once

Be set to a tempo evenly divisible by three

4/4 time

and run for a duration not exceeding three minutes.

The standard voting rules apply vote yourself last (8th) Don't believe there are any colabs this month nontheless collab rules apply were applicable.  :o All entries must vote!!

And so here are your 8 entries;

1. Have I Fallen by Agradeleous

2. Prelude to Freedom by PapaG

3. Ja Puolikas skotti by Spiral

4. Exhaurient stadio by Way2lon

5. Crazy by Neilmac

6. Shades of emotion by OneTrack

7. Scotch life by Combobob

8. Moderator Blues by Whitestrat

I will make the deadline Monday March 4th at midnight EST. I'll have the results posted by Monday evening EST.  :D You can PM me or use my @Yahoo email address clevetoten
I will let you know when I receive your votes... as soon as I can. ???
Good Luck to you all!

Completed Originals / For those who can't follow simple directions ....
« on: February 25, 2013, 06:07:09 PM »
Yeah uh.... I reckon my math skills aint what they use to be.  ???
On account i can't divide 100 into 3 equal parts.
Usually I would give 33 to one and another 33 to another and just keep the change for myself. I mean what's a penny between friends.  :P :P

I didn't pay close enough attention to the details of the challenge. But I did write a song that came close.   ;D
So if anyone else missed a step maybe used wine instead of Scotch or a half bottle of shampoo or gerbil or mandolin or any thing other than the spec.s of the challenge come on misery does love company. Yup   :-\

Anyway ... 100bpm don't cut it quite right.

Completed Covers / Plastic Jesus
« on: January 27, 2013, 08:11:45 PM »
I thought this would've been a fun colab. but no takers. Dave if you see this... one of the tunes was a stretch and a half to do the vocals for me. But it is what it is. No masterpiece but was fun nonetheless.
Coutrtesy of Wiki.
"Plastic Jesus" is an American folk song written by Ed Rush and George Cromarty in 1957. They recorded it as a humorous ad spoof in 1962 as The Goldcoast Singers on World Pacific Records' Here They Are! The Goldcoast Singers (wp-1806).[1]

I got the idea while watching the movie "Cool Hand Luke"
There's a scene when he finds out his mother passed so he goes to his cot picks up a banjo and strums and sings a bit of it. I guess there have been some variations over the years... I just picked some of the verses and had a go at it. 
So pick up a tambourine or stomp your feet clap your hands and sing along!
Damnit!!!  ;D


Now I don't care if it rains or freezes
Long as i got my plastic Jesus
riding on the dashboard of my car
And through my trials and tribulations
And my travels through the nations with my plastic Jesus I'll go far

Oh plastic Jesus Oh plastic Jesus
Riding on the dashboard of my car
Well I'm afraid he'll have to go his magnets ruin my radio
And if I have a wreck he'll leave a scar

When riding down a thorough fare with his hands up in the air
Wreck may be ahead but he don't mind
Trouble coming he don't see just keeps his little eye on me
and any other thing that lies behind

Oh plastic Jesus Oh plastic Jesus
Riding on the dashboard of my car
Though the sunshine on his back makes him peel and chip and even crack
A little patching keeps him up to par

Now when I'm in a traffic jam he don't care if I say Damn
I can let all my curses roll
Cuz plastic Jesus he can't hear cuz he's got these little plastic ears
the man who invented plastic saved my soul

And I don't care if it rains or snowes long as I got my plastic Moses
Riding on the dashboard of my car
Through all my trials and tribulations
We will travel every nation me and plastic Moses we'll go far

Oh you can by a sweet Madonna dressed in rhinestone sitting on a
petal-stool of abalone shell
Going 90 I'm not weary cuz i got my virgin Mary
guaranteeing i wont go to hell

Oh plastic Jesus Oh plastic Jesus
Riding on the dashboard of my car
Well I'm afraid he'll have to go his magnets ruin my radio
And if I have a wreck he'll leave a scar
And if I have a wreck he'll leave a scar
And if I have a wreck he'll leave a scar

Reminds me of Hot Dog...  ??? Minus the really good guitars,  bass, drums and vocals. But other than that... yup.

Shootin' The Breeze / It's good to laugh...
« on: January 22, 2013, 07:31:08 PM »
even at others expense.  ;D

Ticked Off / Searching...
« on: January 20, 2013, 10:36:48 AM »
Ticked off... yes and no. I just went through my song files and realized I've accumulated approximately 70 songs in various stages of complete or incomplete.
Some I'll never bother with so I guess they don't really count but it made me more appreciative of what i have been able to finish on my own. Some happen quick while others are just books on a shelf. Worse part is when I know what it needs but I am incapable of completing it. But that's my own deficiencies. Getting some feedback on these sites is cool but a lot of times it's too general to really help. This is no offense to anyone here this site has been helpful to me in a lot of ways and filled with really good people.
But really all these songs just sit here or there on some website collecting dust.

I'm thinking it's time I find another guitarist/vocalist here in Charlotte and start working on a live sound. I think I could do a 30 minute set of Acoustic/Electric sounds.
It's been a long time since I've performed but I think it's my next step. Well that and some better recordings.
I was suppose to record last year but due to some medical costs it became a much lower priority. Hopefully this year.
Anyway not really ticked off just soul searching... what the hell am I doing?  ::)

Shootin' The Breeze / Well... at least she's trying
« on: January 18, 2013, 06:39:10 PM »


Works in Progress / Bitter sweet things...
« on: January 12, 2013, 09:02:53 PM »
I've redone this song a few times this 3rd attempt... it needs some additional vocals and I rushed the lead. It's the most incomplete part and it has to be completely redone but the idea is there.
Any comments critiques... have at er!

Bitter Sweet Things
Nothing's ever good enough no nothing that I play
To think of me as more
So there's nothing left to leave you with and nothing left to say
There's nothing left in my heart what was has gone away

Believe me
it's a bitter sweet thing
to watch you leaving

Was it something I said something I did that made you feel the need to go away
Now the hours pass like days
But whatever my crime whatever my sin I'll move along and come morning begin
To pick myself off the ground
What's passed won't hold me down

Believe me
it's a bitter sweet thing
Such a bitter
Sweet thing
to watch you leaving


Shootin' The Breeze / Who is your favorite
« on: January 09, 2013, 08:16:47 PM »
Guitarist. When I was younger it was always PAge. As I've gotten older it's change but he was always one of the best imo
;D Jeff Beck for me...

Works in Progress / Dreamed a girl
« on: January 05, 2013, 07:05:31 PM »
I finally got around to putting some lyrics to this music... probably started it about a year ago. I tried re-recording all the guitars and it's coming along. Not really singing as much as shouting...  :o Still a work in progress but nonetheless I like the idea. I want to finish it.
Suppose to be about a guy who can't take or understand NO! Not stalker kind... just naive.


Works in Progress / Still believe?
« on: December 30, 2012, 09:50:11 PM »
This song has been a real thorn to finish so i pushed myself these past few days to try and get it done. Problem i had was believing what i was saying. Don't know anymore. We live in some strange times... for sure. As usual was not easy for me to sing... I roached me voice out on saturday and tried to finish it today.
Anyway... if you have any thoughts critiques have at it.


Still believe
This old world keeps spinning around
Still got gravity holding us down but
the ice is melting under our feet
And children go to bed with nothing to eat

Oh what a mess we

Works in Progress / Colaba-Christmas
« on: December 21, 2012, 09:24:37 PM »
Since it's Holiday time (yaay!) I strummed up this tune and was fortunate to get a Yes when I asked for some help!  ;D
I'm sure you guys can figure it out! (Stevie Rocket)

Never tried to write one before... don't think I'll ever try again. Not as easy as my usual strum, hum add words and drums and call it done routine.
So give a listen and let me know what you think of it. Whatever comes to mind! Mix, vocals, this, that, the other thing... please have at it.


As I walk down the street looking for a gift
See the old man with his sign says Christmas on the 25th
For some it's just another day and some it's just a myth
Some lost it long ago or they just can't find it

Where did it go what happened to the day
It got so commercialized by the stores and displays
I looked high and low but i just can't seem to find Christmas

When i see the old man I give him him all my change
At least once a year he's not looked at so strange
His cup was full he had a gleam in his eyes
But he knows come tomorrow they'll all pass him by

Where did it go what happened to the ways
is there a jolly old man going to come and save the day
or did we all get led astray from Christmas

If there's love in your heart where wil it be come tomorrow
If there's love in your heart shouldn't it be more than a day

Then the old man smiled said it's going to be a busy night
I've got so much to give back before the morning light

And I looked high and low and wouldn't you know
All the time it was right there under my nose
give what you can well wishes for your fellow man and that's Christmas
It starts with a wish mix in a smile
no matter big or small you keep it alive one more year
Merry Christmas

Special thanks to Steve for your contributions on and off the mic!  ;D
Thanks man!

Works in Progress / Better...
« on: December 16, 2012, 10:33:30 AM »
This is a tune I started some months ago... I posted it here with about 5 or 6 guitar tracks all over the place and in the end  I never liked the mix.
So this morning I started all over.
I stripped it down to just some basic elements.
Will redo the vocals hopefully later today.
Titled "Better"
Maybe this time it will be.  :o


Collaborations / A song bout Jesus or driving or...
« on: December 09, 2012, 02:55:55 PM »
Those that know the song forgive me i took some liberties on the lyrics and music itself... just threw it together in the last hour.
Might be fun to see how many folks would throw in some BG vocals, leads, proper bass maybe sing a verse etc...
But what i'd really like to see is everyone singing the chorus.  :D
Any takers?
Hey if I can sing you guys should have no problem.
Simple 1 4 5 progression E A B the little bridge section could use some oooooohs and some lead licks any thoughts?

Shootin' The Breeze / Revebnation meh....
« on: December 05, 2012, 07:42:53 PM »
So this is basically a popularity thing to collect a bunch of fan-folks that probably don't even listen to your music.  ::)
I've listened to every one that has fanned me so far... don't know how long that'll last but it's cool.
And I have come across some really talented artists.
I've been checking out the Nashville locals and man... tons of talent in that town. I may never listen to the radio again.  Well produced quality recordings and so many really good people writing playing etc...
I know the American cities to do searches... I was wondering can you guys recommend any cities in other countries that would be comparable to Nashville. Well maybe not comparable but happening I guess.

Works in Progress / Unfinished indeed
« on: December 01, 2012, 10:23:20 AM »
Here's a fine example of a song with nowhere to go... I first recorded it about a year ago and it's just sitting on a shelf with no inspiration to be found no reason to bring it down... I even visited this morning to see if there might be a spark. nada...

If someone wants to try some lyrics... have at her.

The original idea was to be about things that have gone and will never be again...
Titled it Never again that became stuck in my head and could never get anywhere with it. anyway... I think it has some interesting elements but...


Completed Originals / Be here tonight
« on: November 23, 2012, 07:52:43 PM »
This is one of my better songs imo. Recorded it about a year ago and remixed it today.
A little more of a rocker than my usual... kind of Americana I guess. Was tough to get the vocals right but the idea is there.
The idea was to have an opening song for an album or concert by welcoming in the audience.


Be here Tonight
Everybody put on your best dress
Dress you to the nines
Come out to the party and have yourselves a time
Don't worry bout tomorrow
We'll watch the sun rise
We live this way like it's our last day
no need to apologize
So come one come all have yourselves a ball
We'll kick it loose tonight
You all are invited
good to see you all arrive and be here tonight
Now everybody step into the spotlight you didn't come here to be shy
Some floors were made for dancing and throwing your hands up high
Let loose of that tight grip I promise you'll be fine
Got to live each day don't let em slip away and you fail if you don't try
So come one come all have yourselves a ball
And kick it loose tonight
To the show tonight
good to see you all arrive and be here tonight
Everybody Welcome to the time of your lives
good to see you all arrive
And be here with me
Everybody's looking a little more lively
I can see in the way you move
You've finally loosened up
time to raise your cup only one thing left to do
throw your hands up high and all the talking is through
Consider this your cue
You all are invited
good to see you all arrive and be here tonight
You all are invited
good to see you all arrive and be here with me tonight
Put on your best dress be here tonight

Works in Progress / One Epi light... one dark...
« on: November 11, 2012, 07:57:17 PM »
This is done as far as I'm concerned but I figured I post a pair since they took up me weekend. First one is the dark ooooh scary.

Freedoms gone
What will you tell those little ones when nothing's left
And all is gone
When the truth is known will it reveal
How you fell asleep at the wheel
But pay no mind there's nothing wrong
Wake up now your freedoms gone
Dumbing down America from Washington to Florida
No need for curiosity just some new policies from the great disease
And in the new world way will you get swept away
by the waters and the winds of a hurricane
So pay no mind there's nothing wrong
Wake up now your freedoms gone

This one is a much lighter and upbeat tune. Called wanting more not finished lyrically but ehh... in progress.

Ag if you find this I tried to venture into your neck of the woods sort of it's an open tuning tune certainly not to be mistaken for your exquisite approach. But nonethe less open tuned.
Wanting more

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